Our concept is simple: Only if we look at all the components of a business process, can we develop and implement successful customized solutions and overall concepts, also based on standard solutions. In so doing, the symbiosis of consulting and technology company guarantees comprehensive competence. You receive everything from a single source: The analysis of processes and workflows, development and implementation.

Business portfolio

Technology is important, but not the most important aspect. That is why an important business area is the analysis of processes as well as a holistic view of the workflows. The human being is in the foreground. We deduce customized solutions out of the processes. On the one hand these are networking and communication solutions with a focus on high availability, security and access to systems through mobile solutions and “networking” across multiple locations. On the other hand we develop software solutions on the basis of workflows. The profiling of customer and product data are only one specialty: Being in the right place at the right time and having access to the right data (product data, customer data,…) is important.

  • Analysis of processes and workflows
  • Development
  • Networking
  • Communication solutions
  • Qualification
  • Individual software development

Kunden + Branchen:

  • Sicherheits-Elektrotechnik, Handel

    Produktdaten-Veredelung mittels der Standard-Lösung Daisi: Aus der Warenwirtschaft werden Produktdaten importiert, in Daisi veredelt / kundenorientiert aufbereitet. So aufbereitet werden auf Basis der Produktdaten automatisiert Kataloge erstellt sowie der Web-Shop befüllt. Zusätzlich sind die Infos via iOS oder Android-App abrufbar.

  • Werkzeugtechnik

    Spezial-Lösung zur Produktdaten-Veredelung mit dem Fokus der automatischen Generierung von Katalogen
    sowie Produktdarstellungen im Internet.

  • Netzwerklösungen

    Fokus, über alle Branchen hinweg: Sicherheit und Hochverfügbarkeit. Vernetzungen von verteilt arbeitenden Unternehmen stehen hier im Fokus. Ebenso die Anbindung der Mitarbeiter zwecks Zugriff auf die Unternehmens-Ressourcen.


Man – process – technology… These three components are central of the corporate philosophy of dr. haasters & partner and they leave a significant imprint on entrepreneurial concept.


Methods, analysis processes and workflows, specification of the requirements, project design and controlling


Heterogeneous worlds, server and storage solutions, virtualization, networking, security and high availability


Application, web, interfaces, specialized solutions


Development of ergonomic, clear and simple solutions


Development of iOS-apps for several applications


Development of android-based solutions for several platforms

We love technology

Innovation is our motivation. The aim is to support the process with the latest technologies based on the requirement that man is in the foreground and the technologie in the background.

Ich bin bereit überall hinzugehen, vorausgesetzt, der Weg führt vorwärts. (I will go anywhere, provide it be forward.)

- David Livingstone (1813-73), engl. Forschungsreisender -



There are some examples / Case Studies: Each solution is based on process and workflow analysis. We always focus on connecting process and technology.

App development

Database solutions

Cloud solutions

Networked working

Network engineering

Communicational solutions


Network design (server, storage)


Server, storage, periphery

Production solutions


Process consultancy

Workflow analysis

Employee qualification

Technology management

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