Mobile Device Management


With our MDM solutions mobile devices such as smartphones, sub-notebooks, PDAs and tablet computers can be centrally managed – across operating systems. This ensures that each mobile device in accordance with the company’s internal rules is configured and also protects against misuse and loss of data.



Centralized management, monitoring and configuration of mobile devices such as a web-based console.

App management

Management of general and company-specific applications on an intra-corporate app store.


Configuration of encryption and lockout policies on access control to find, block and delete devices.

Cost saving

At the hands of centralization and the associated discharge of IT there will be axed consequential charges in double-digit percent range.



Centralized management of multiple mobile devices and across various operating systems.
As a result, abuse and data loss can be prevented.


On-premise (in-house) or SaaS (external) hosted software to manage, configure and monitor many mobile devices.


Analysis of processes and workflows,
Development of an individual concept,
Software, hardware and licensing,
Setup and configuration,
Training of employees.

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