The fast and up-to-date access with mobile devices is carried out with the Daisi 5.0 app. Product information as well as PDF files will be migrated from the database which can be accessed directly. The management of PDF files is supported by the Daisi media management.


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Rapid access to PDF files

Compatible with iOS and Android. Based on PIM and single-source publishing solution Daisi.


Fast, clear and constantly up-to-date access to PDF files and product information for customers.


Quick access by ergonomic clear app.

Result & benefits

Timeliness, addressing interested customers, access to more resources, information on demand.

Projekt gallery

A clear and simple navigation allows fast access to the stored PDF files through to ordering.



Milestones of the project


  • Market analysis
    What does the customer want? The first step is to conduct an analysis about what information / data the customers are interested in.

  • Specification and rapid prototyping
    Outlining the app logic and the screen design is part of the prototyping.

  • Implementation
    The implementation based on the prototype as well as a specification.

  • Testing and going live
    Going live was preceded by a testing phase. By going live, customers now have access to the latest product information in the form of PDF files.


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  • 8 colleagues
  • 40 project days
  • 150 coffees
  • 1000 positive feedback

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